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It is illegal to fly any drone within the UAS Geographical  Zones.  Access above the height restrictions may be requested through the zone authority for Specific Category operations.


UAS Geographical Zones

Control Zone

Flying and operating drones in Ireland is subject to European Union Regulation 2019/947 and S.I. No.24/2023. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) supervises and implements the Regulation in Ireland. The IAA also provides guidance for operating and flying drones in order to ensure public safety. The Regulation allows registered operators and pilots to fly their drones across the EU. You must register as a drone operator if your drone weighs over 250 grams or if it has a camera or sensor.

Drone Safety Map by Altitude Angel

Guide to Drones

When you fly a drone in the Ireland, it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. Please click the button below to learn about the drone code:

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Requesting Permission to Fly within the Donegal Airport CTR

Drone flight requests within the Donegal Airport CTR must be submitted 48 hours in advance. Any drone flight request made within the 48 hours notice period might not be processed in adequate time.

How to Request Permission to Fly within the Donegal Airport CTR

Donegal Airport administers all drone flight requests through Altitude Angel. To request permission you can either:

For existing Altitude Angel users, the link will take you directly to Altitude Angel’s Operator Portal, where you can submit your mission details for approval to us.

For new Altitude Angel users, then by clicking on the link, you will be presented with the option to register for free and then proceed to your new account to submit your mission details.

Once logged into the App, locate Donegal Airport on the interactive Map. Create your mission plan using the in-app technology, which will automatically request approval if the mission plan resides within the Donegal Airport CTR.

For more information on the Altitude Angel’s Guardian APP, a user guide can be located within the APP or click here to learn more.

The free app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store.


ARP Coridinates
55° 02′ 39.09″ N
8° 20′ 27.60″ W


Other Drone Queries

Should you have any other queries regarding flying a drone within the Donegal Airport CTR please contact the drone coordinator (atc@donegalairport.ie).

Please Note: Drone flight approval can only be obtained by submitting a mission request through the Altitude Angel operator portal or Guardian App as described above.