Check-in Information

Check-in Information

Check-in at Donegal Airport

Passengers should check-in at the airport no later than 1 hour 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. All flights close for Check-in 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. 

You can now carry your liquids without having to seal them in a clear plastic bag and without size restrictions in your carry-on luggage.  You can carry liquids including water, baby food, medicines and other beverages, aerosol cans and toiletries in your carry-on luggage with no size restrictions. 

   Check -in  at Dublin Airport                           T2   Aer Lingus Regional scheduled flights  depart and arrive Terminal 2 (T2) Dublin Airport 


                                                                                     Dublin Airport is going to get busier over the coming weeks and months, so it’s vital that passengers allow                                                                                                       themselves plenty of time when travelling. This is particularly important at peak times.

                                                                                     At the moment, peak times at Security occur in Terminal 2 at 05.00 to 12.00 for morning and early afternoon flights.                                                                                       Weekends (especially bank holiday weekends) are busy all day (weekends include Friday, Saturday, Sunday and                                                                                             Monday).

                                                                                     Dublin Airport normally advise passengers to allow 2 hours before a short haul flight departure and 3 hours before                                                                                         a long haul flight departure, but it can be 3.5 hours at these busy peak times.

                                                                                     Airline check-in and bag drop times can vary, so please contact your airline to confirm when their check-in and                                                                                               bag-drop desks open, as this will influence your timing. Please allow time to join any queuing for check-in and/or                                                                                           bag-drop, and then time to complete the Security screening process.

                                                                                     Please note that Security in T2 is now open from 04.00.