Culture and Hertiage are simply bywords for everyday living when it comes to the people of Donegal.The Arts, on the other hand, is as important as the air they breathe. In Donegal, art is just the expression of the people.It goes without saying, that Donegal is one of the most historic County's in Ireland. With many well-preserved national monuments from the time of Colmcille and Castle's that were once strongholds to the country's most famous Clans like the O'Donnell's and Gallagher's.


An Crannóg, Derrybeg - An Irish language centre with classes for adults who wish to learn Irish. 

Tel:0353 74 9532208 
An tSean Bheairic, Falcarragh - Language,culture,heritage,history and memories of our ancestors lifestyles are depicted through artefacts ans exhibits.
Tel: 353 74 9180888 

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