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Pilot Information


From the 21st December 2015, drone registration is mandatory in accordance with the Small Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and Rockets Order S.I. 563 of 2015. All drones over 1kg must be registered. 

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 Contact Donegal Air Traffic Control on 00353 74 9548604 prior to the operation of a drone within the control zone.


ARP Coridinates

550239.09 N
0082027.60 W

offshore activity.


Donegal Airport is strategically located to service the offshore operations in the West and Northwest. We provide onshore facilities and personnel services to the air support contractors i.e., helicopter and fixed wing aircraft operators, appointed by the various exploration companies




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 Fees & Charges

1. Landing Fees

a)Private Aircraft, ie.,aircraft which are not used for hire or reward;



  • Single Engine  (Piston/Turbine)-€ 12.00
  • Twin Engine  (Piston/Turbine)-€ 23.00
  • Jet Engine/Helicopter  (Charged as per Commercial Rates)

b)Commercial Aircraft, ie., aircraft operating flights for hire or reward;

  • Per ton or part thereof (max. ramp weight )  €15.60

2.Ground Power Unit

Per hour or part thereof€46.00

Per embarking passenger

Passenger Load Supplement;€15.60


 (Terminal, Ramp,Navigational)€ 8.70
            Exceptions -The following are exempt from charges;

a)Children under two years of age
              b)Passengers on Aircraft not operated for hire or reward

5.Out of Hours Charges

                      per hour  (minimum two hours) €313

Flights landing or taking off outside normal hours of operation shall be charged per hour or part thereof.


Prior notice required

7.Flying Clubs and Fixed Base Operators

An Owner/Operator of a Donegal Airport based aircraft may pay a sum in lieu of charges for a period of three, six or twelve months for any number of landings within the period – referred to as a Period Landing Fee.  Period Landing Fees will be negotiated separately. 

Payment of period Landing Fee does not entitle an owner/operator to land or take off outside airport  operating hours. 

Landing, taking-off or manoeuvring on the Aerodrome outside operating hours is illegal. 

8. Hangarage

Confirmation of availability of hangar must be obtained as required.

a)Private Aircraft, ie.,  aircraft  which are not used for hire or reward;

  • Single Engine (Piston/Turbine) – per day or part thereof-€12.00
  • Twin Engine Piston/Turbine) – per day or part thereof-€23.00
  • Jet Engine/Helicopter (Charged as per Commercial Rates)

b)Commercial Aircraft, Per ton - per day or part there of-€11.00

9. Fuel

Jet A1 Fuel available at monthly rate   

VAT applicable on fuel charges – Prices will fluctuate as per cost price. 

10.  Aircraft Parking

  • No Charge for the first 2 Hours.
  • The following charges are for 24 Hours or part thereof.
  • Not over 3.5 tonnes €10.50 flat rate
  • Not over 10 tonnes   €28.60 flat rate.
  • Not over 20 tonnes   €50.70 flat rate.
  • 30 tonnes +           €64 flat rate.

Any charge quoted in this schedule may be varied without notice at the sole discretion of Donegal Airport Authority.Donegal Airport Authority will endeavour to give reasonable notice of any increase in charges.Payments strictly as per credit arrangements where such agreement in place. 

Payments on operation – where no credit arrangements in place. 

approach 2

New_QAS_LOGO_TemplatesDonegal Airport Quality Policy

We, the Staff of Donegal Airport Air Navigation Services and Airport Services are committed to providing Air Navigation and Airport Services which fully meet the requirements of our customers and regulated clients.

We aim to:

  • Achieve the highest standards of Excellence and Safety in the Donegal Air Traffic Airspace and Airport Services.
  • Consistently meet internationally recognised aeronautical operating and safety standards.
  • Provide our services at cost effective prices.
  • Reflect our Quality Statement by having a Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001:2008 International Standard.

Our Quality Objectives are to provide an Air Navigation Service and Airport Service Quality Management System which will:

  • Provide the highest safety standards possible to customers, staff and suppliers.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering services of consistently high quality;
  • Provide appropriate education and training for staff;
  • Provide for regular consultation with our customers in the evaluation of the quality of service provided.
  • Establish and review objectives, comply with all requirements and continually improve its effectiveness.



ICAO Location Indicator: 


ARP Coordinates Mid-point RWY 03-21

550239 N
0082028 W

Elevation/Reference Temperature

31 ft/16 C (July) 

Types of traffic permitted


Dimension of Runway (M): 

1496 x 30 

Runway Surface

Grooved Asphalt

Strength (PCN)


Declared Distances (M)

   03    1314   1593   1314  1158    THR RWY 03 Displaced 209M
   21    1332   1406   1332  1204    THR RWY 21 Displaced 129M

Threshold Co-ordinates and Elevation

RWY 03   550222.76N    0082038.17W   3m/9.8ft

RWY 21   550257.86N    0082015.45W   9.46m/31ft

Fuel Types


Tower Frequency

129.80 MHz 

NDB     361 KHz  'CFN' 
DME  110.3 MHz  'IFN' 
LLZ    110.3 MHz  'IFN'

ATS Airspace

Classification:  C 
Lateral Limits:  Circle radius 10NM within Shannon FIR 
Vertical Limits:  5000 ft AMSL 





Meteorological Information

ATIS 129.925MHz (Press PTT 3 times to activate)

Dial direct weather station 00 353 74 9548921

METARs & Weather Reports



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