Pets Travelling on Aer Lingus Regional Flights

Only domestic cats, dogs and rabbits will be accepted for carriage on Aer Lingus Regional operated flights. This applies to domestic flights within Ireland and Britain, with the exception of flights to and from Jersey. At the time of booking, you must contact Aer Lingus Reservations if you plan to travel with a pet. A fee per flight, per crate is also applicable. At this time you will be advised of all restricted breeds for travel on an Aer Lingus Regional flight. Carriage is permitted only with the animal owner's acknowledgement that there may be risks to the health or welfare of their  animal caused by the reaction of an animal to flying.The owner's acknowledgement of this is confirmed by booking and presenting their animal for a flight.Pets must be presented for carriage in their own individual crate which must be durable and strong enough for secure travel. The carriage of animals on Aer Lingus Regional flights is subject to there being available space in the aircraft and accordingly Aer Lingus Regional reserve the right to refuse to carry an animal up to and including the scheduled department time.

Note:If you did not book online you will need to contact Aer Lingus Reservations Department in order to book  an animal in advance.

 Loganair - Pets are welcome on Loganair's flights. Pets will always be carried in the hold subject to space being available, unless an assistance dog.Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old to travel. Cats and dogs may be carried as accompanied baggage. The pet checks-in with you at the terminal and rejoins you on arrival in the baggage hall. You are responsible for putting your pet in a suitably approved container.The charge for a pet carraige is €50.00 one-way. To book call Loganair's call centre 0044 141 642 9407  





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