Travel between Ireland and the UK or UK Domestic travel 

Citizens of Ireland and the UK must carry some form of official photo identification.

Note: In order to travel between Ireland and the UK photo identification other than a passport, passengers must have been born in Ireland or the UK and also be a citizen of either country. Loganair reserves the right to require proof of citizenship.

The following forms of photo ID are acceptable:

- Valid Passport

- Valid Driving License with photo

- Valid National ID with photo / Goverment issued photo ID card 

- Health Insurance cards with photo /Social Security cards with photo 

- Valid International Student Identity Card with photo

- Valid Bus pass with photo

- Valid Work ID with photo

Citizens of Ireland and the UK under the age of 16 do not need a photo ID if travelling with their parent/guardian but Aer Lingus Regional recommend that they carry some form of identification (e.g. birth certificate , bus pass or student card) in case this is requested by the immigration authorities at entry.

Citizens of countries other than Ireland and the UK must produce a valid passport and visa where applicable, for travel between Ireland and the United Kingdom.



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